In the summer of 2022, I traveled to London for a one-month-long summer camp. After obtaining my “Learning Through Play with LEGO® Braille Bricks” certificate, I sent an email to The Lego Foundation. I kindly requested to visit their London headquarters and obtain one LEGO® Braille Bricks set, which is only available to 20 official partners and is distributed for free to organizations. My intention was to bring it back to Turkey for my visually impaired friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive a response to my email, as they likely receive numerous request emails like mine. Nonetheless, I decided to try my luck.

During my one day off from the summer camp in London, I visited the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), one of the 20 official partners. There, I had the opportunity to examine the LEGO® Braille Bricks set in person.

I also obtained the first Braille LEGO® book, “DK Braille: LEGO® DUPLO: Farm.” It was at that moment when I began to contemplate what I could do to contribute.

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